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The W O R D S method aims to create art through the use of the three spheres that make up the human being: the intellectual sphere, the bodily sphere and the spiritual sphere.
These three spheres are brought into play through the use of five categories of words: Colors, Shapes, Actions, Ways of Being, Places/Things.

Each word can touch one or more spheres at the same time, this also depends on the musician who will interpret the word, and his contact between word and body, word and mind and/or word and soul.

It is therefore called 'inspired improvisation' because the music itself is inspired by sensations, visions, feelings, images, memories, moods; and these are in turn inspired by the words.

W O R D S is a project of "inspired improvisation", which aims to destroy the barriers of all musical genres and let every musician express themselves in the purest and most intimate way possible.

The band's music is based on the homonymous method of composition and improvisation created and developed by Matteo Paggi.

The band definitely consists of a core group of musicians, which are: Irene, Iara, Anja, Anton and Matteo. But the very essence of this ensemble is fluid and airy; guests from different musical and cultural backgrounds are always the order of the day, and the band members themselves can change  according to places, times of life, needs or particular artistic concepts. 

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