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The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

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The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is not just our name, it is our life philosophy! Anything can happen when you have the courage to let yourself go and get caught up in what you do not know, eliminating prejudices and conventional knowledge. Immerse yourself in our warm sound and strong independent energy. Join the unexpected, join the ignorance!


This is a trio born from Massimiliano Dosoli's desire to bring together the soul, heart, body and minds of Piero Conte and Matteo Paggi. It is not a trio formed out of instrumental necessity but purely human. Moreover, the lack of conventional instruments such as drums and bass allows the trio to research and create a very original and cohesive sound.


Together, the three soulmates, have already toured around Italy, France and Holland, always honestly sharing not only their music, but also what is the life philosophy of the unexpected virtue of ignorance.

"Apri Grande" - FLECA

"At my age, it's hard to surprise me, but these guys pulled it off great. Firstly, the instrumentation: trombone, clarinets and guitar. It is true that there is a precedent: the Jimmy Giuffré, Bob Brookmeyer and Jim Hall trio of 1960, but the music is totally different. In fact, the first thing that strikes you is the originality of the project. It is fresh music, beautifully played with an extraordinary group sound.

Interplay, listening to each other, cohesion, colour. In short, a real band that conveys the pleasure of playing together "


Enrico Rava

The band always plays original music without stylistic or instrumental limitations. It has already toured Holland, Italy, France and Belgium, playing on prestigious stages (such as the Roccella Jazz Festival, Macerata Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival and others), but also in humble places where it has been possible to forge special bonds with people, traditions and places.

In 2022, the "Droom en Daad" foundation granted them a fund to record their new EP 'FLECA', which will soon be available for listening.

FLECA - our new Album soon available

“ The music of ‘The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance' is very expressive, really challenging, not very bounded stylistically but very eclectic.

The individual level of the musicians is very high, they can play great solos, create sounds and soundscapes and react very well to each other.

The sound of the group is very rich and diverse, because each member of the group is able to move in different musical directions, creating a universe of sounds and melodies. "


Ilja Reijngoud


Massimiliano Dosoli - Clarinets

Matteo Paggi - Trombone, Trumpet, Effects

Piero Conte - Guitar & Effects, Production

Recorded at Wisseloord Studios

Mixed & Mastered by Alessandro Mazzieri

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