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Matteo paggi
and the Giraffes

The Giraffe, in the world of symbolism, symbolises 'foresight'. Having his head away from his heart, he is able to make decisions with detachment and coldness.
In the music of Matteo Paggi and the Giraffes, the mind is free to fly, to express itself with all the airiness that shapes it; but at the same time, the fire of passion burns in the chest and finds no obstacle close by, it burns unceasingly.

The music of Paggio and the Giraffes manages to bind rationality and passion, creating original music that draws influences from metal, rock and melodic music, all set against a jazz backdrop.

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Their first album "Once I got a Lama" will be released on January 2025 with the Jam/Unjam Records.
The videos you are watching has been recorded during the tour of presentation of this album in Italy, as guests in the Astronave Studio Recording's YouTube series 'Diario di Bordo'.

Matteo Paggi and the Giraffes is an active band in both Italy and the Netherlands (they have played in Casa del Jazz, GrachtenFestival, Laren Jazz Festival and many others), this has given Matteo the opportunity to have his music played by a larger number of artists. Sharing art and emotions with his favorite musicians.

The Italian lineup includes:

Simone Alessandrini - Sax, Emanuele 'Manny' Fioretti: Piano, Lorenzo Scipioni - Double Bass, Evita Polidoro - Drums

The lineup from the Netherlands includes:

Lorenzo Simoni - Sax, Masako Sakai: Piano, Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat - Double Bass, Andrea Carta - Drums

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