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this page is in constant process, will never be final, but I will try to update it often

The search for sound, timbre and one's own voice is the focal point of learning a brass instrument. From there, the understanding of technique and one's own musical identity begins.


On this page I thought I would share, with those interested, my personal knowledge on the subject, acquired through experience, research and inspired by many great people.


Before moving on to actual exercises to play, I feel the need to recommend reading a few books, which in my opinion are necessary to form a mindset conducive to a serene, connected and effective learning.

  • The first book is 'Thus Spoke Arnold Jacobs': I studied with masters who learned directly from him, his teaching is more than present in what I write;

  • Kenny Werner's 'Effortless Mastery': I personally think it can help with the serenity and connection between being a musician and being us;

  • In conclusion, for those who wish to research in a more intimate manner: 'The Pursuit of Happiness' by Jiddu Krishnamurti. A book that in my opinion should be read over a very long period of time, drawing inspiration from it as you go along.

N.B. The option of buying books on websites like Amazon is always the easiest and most appetising, I would like to suggest: do not be ravenous! Order books from the bookstore near your home, support those who sell books with passion, wait a little longer, maybe spend a few euros more, and then the book, just like a good meal, will be even tastier and smell better.

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